Life Hack for Busy Women – Permanent makeup

The practice of using permanent makeup began in the early 20th century. It was used to enhance the natural beauty by tattooing permanent colour where makeup was generally used. Permanent makeup can be a very beneficial process to enhance one’s natural beauty.

Tattoos are the result of adding permanent colour pigmentation to the skin, in order to create designs. In the instance of permanent makeup, the designs are done in such a way as to resemble actual makeup. These designs usually include colouration to the eyelids, cheeks, lips and facial skin. It has been commonly used to create eyebrows for people who have lost their natural ones through disease, old age, cancer treatments, to cover scars and skin abnormalities. Permanent makeup has also been used to improve or restore colour to the areola on the breast after cancer surgery.


Often semi permanent make up is referred to as permanent cosmetics, cosmetic tattooing, or derma-pigmentation. It is actually, in the truest sense, tattooing as the skin is permanently coloured by the use of ink that is inserted under the first layer of skin onto the dermis. In the U.S. and many other countries, tattooing and permanent makeup are subject to various laws and regulations. There are also regulations when it comes to the procedures and the types of inks and colour additives that can be used in the process. In Australia, practitioners are not allowed to advertise that the procedure is permanent, as the colouring tends to fade in 3-5 years, and needs to be retouched.

Permanent Makeup Results

In general, the short-term results of permanent makeup are usually quite good. Most people find that the colouring enhances the facial features, like the eyes, eyebrows and lips, and has a more natural look to it than actual makeup. The initial appearance of the permanent makeup is quite striking, because there is some residue on the outer layer of skin. However, this colour will lighten a bit after a few days, when the outer layer of skin sloughs off naturally.  As far as long-term results, even the best colour enhancement will fade after a few years and need to be touched up to brighten the overall effects. Everyone may have slightly different results, if one has exposure to the sun through swimming, gardening or other outdoor activities the colouring may fade faster.

Disadvantages of Permanent Makeup

The only real complaints or undesired results seemed to be that it was the wrong colour, too dark, too big. A skilled professional should be able to adjust the results to suit the client. Although if someone is unhappy with the results, it may end up costing a great deal to have laser removal to correct the problem. Due to the fact that these areas are of an extremely sensitive nature, the removal procedures can be difficult without leaving some scarring.