2 colorful mens shirts

In a man, the shirt tells a way of being, frames the features of the face, defines the build and helps personalize the combinations. But what are the most beautiful colorful mens shirts?


It is a very simple model but so infallible that it is usually the most requested. A plain-colored men’s shirt is the most versatile and simple today, provided you don’t choose too bright colors. It can be easily combined with any style and eventuality and can be easily reviewed with the addition of accessories or special combinations. Whether it’s a formal appointment or a day at the park, with the solid-colored shirt you’ll be sure you will never make mistakes.


This is rightly defined the shirt par excellence, because it never breaks and thanks to the large variety of fabrics in which it is presented. For example, a white viscose shirt may seem the perfect one for a ceremony or an important event, while a white linen shirt is the coolest and most comfortable solution for a day trip or a casual summer day.


This is another color for males, who choose it in 90% of cases. And this too is incredibly versatile and usable. Especially good for those who intend not to give up a classic style while not choosing the usual white shirt. For this reason, the blue shirt can be chosen from among the different cotton processes such as twill or oxford, or even in linen for the hottest days.


Most men who have a more alternative style choose colored shades. This especially in the summer months want to dare with a shirt more lively and cheerful. The colored shirts highlight the face and can also give a fresh touch to the outfit. However we must remember to always be careful with the colors too bright and in particular to combine them carefully! It should also be remembered that a very important factor is given by the background color of the shirts, whether they are patterned or solid. Of course, the brighter the color, the less formal the shirt will be and vice versa.