Impress your Girl with These Unique Bouquet Arrangements

Lovers often express their love for their partners with flower bouquets. Even in olden days when relationships were not disclosed openly, lovers used to express their love for each other using flowers. Gradually, with time, expressing or confessing emotions with flowers became a custom. This became a full-fledged tradition when people from all over the globe started celebrating Valentine’s Day. Nowadays, flowers are also used for greeting people for various other occasions such as birthday, anniversary, success party and other occasions. Due to the popularity and easy availability of different types of flowers in the market, different flowers are now offered to send different messages. There are also flowers which are especially used to express and celebrate love.

A flower bouquet is a perfect item to give to your loved one. Here are some meaningful and unique flower bouquet arrangements with which one can impress his girlfriend.

Tradition Flower Bouquet:

You can express your feelings with a traditional flower bouquet by adding little creativity to its texture, colour, and shape. You can use coral, orange, and red flowers to this bouquet, which are excellent in expressing love, passion, and dedication. You can use tulips that are used for declaration of love, peonies that represent devotion, ranunculus that represent radiance, and lilies and orchids for adding beauty and elegance. To arrange a beautiful bouquet of these flowers, you can use large and well-bloomed flowers and mix them with small flowers. You can also use flowers of different colours and heights.


You can also say ‘I love you’ to her with a perfect bouquet of red carnations, which symbolize love, fascination, and admiration. This bouquet would also be perfect as a date anniversary gift or a birthday gift for your girlfriend. To impress her and express your feelings in better way, try to get fresh flowers from local vendors. Alternatively, you can order them online from stores which provide same day delivery.

Gerbera Daisies

These flowers are also considered another variety of ‘I Love You’ flowers. Gerbera daisies are popular flowers that represent cheerfulness and innocence. A bouquet of red gerbera daisies perfectly expresses the feeling of desire and love to love partners. You can gift your girlfriend a beautiful bouquet of gerbera daisies as birthday flowers.


These are considered the most romantic flowers all over the world. They stand for true love. You can easily find roses in a variety of shades. All the roses represent specific meanings and are gifted according to their meaning. For your girlfriend, you should always order a dozen of red roses, which is a symbol for complete love.

Lilies and Orchids

Although lilies are typically used for celebrating 30th anniversary, you can gift it to your girlfriend on any special occasion as it signifies a strong bond with your love partner. Similarly, orchids are also used to convey the depth of love and are one of the most romantic flowers. Orchids are also available in almost every shade.

These are some flower bouquets which you can give your girlfriend on her birthday or any other special occasion to express your love in the language of flowers.