Where can you find vintage designer clothes?

Most of us have that one friend who always manages to snag a bargain, vintage item with ease, whereas if we were to go looking, we’d come home empty handed. Trawling through the different types of vintage and secondhand shops usually consists of searching through rails of packed clothes whilst someone hovers behind you waiting to snatch a golden find.

Even if you were to find something special, it’s likely that the price tag will reflect it. So where can you find those amazing vintage, designer clothes without the stress of hunting them down in local shops?

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Go online

Whether you’re looking for true vintage from the 60s, 70s or 80s or more modern pieces from later years, you can find it all as long as you know where to look. Of course, when buying online, you need to be aware that size guides have changed over the years, so always be prepared with a measuring tape, so you can look at the websites individual measurement guides.

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Wear and tear

With all secondhand clothing comes the possibility of scuffs and stains. Don’t automatically be put off by them, especially as clothing repair shops can easily remove some marks and rips that might initially seem to be too bad to fix.

Vintage kilo sales

There will still be some of you who prefer to find their clothes in person, so instead of scoping out the same pricey shops, you should keep an eye out for vintage kilo sales, where you pay by the weight rather than per item. Look carefully and you could snag a real bargain.

Brand websites

You might think you’re unlikely to find decent vintage clothing on a brand’s main site, but some have their own vintage section, which makes it easy to know where to look. Other sites stock mens designer clothes that look just the part, without necessarily coming from a different era. Sites such as
https://www.ejmenswear.com/include a great selection that might just be what you’re looking for.

Selling sites

Of course, sites like eBay are a great starting point, but once you know what to look for, try heading to Grailed, ASOS Marketplace or Depop to look for more specific items. Boutique style shops such as Rokit, Hardly Ever Worn It and Vestiaire Collective are also well worth a visit.