Must Have Wedding Planning Tips For You

What do you think, what a marriage is? You think it is like cooking an omelette, that you just crack an egg and cook it in a non-stick pan and eat it. No, it is not that easy. Marriage is like growing a small sapling and turning it into a tree. It is more a kind of a relationship of patience and making it strong with love. So your relationship is strong, love is strong and you both want to give it a new name where you both get into a bond of forever love that can never be broken.

You have decided that you both want to marry but planning a wedding is not easy. It is not like that you go to a church and say in front of a pastor “I do” and kiss before some relatives. A wedding is a well planned event and to make it an enjoying one has to do lot of planning.  Don’t think that you cannot do it yourselves. We are going to tell you some wedding planning tips that will benefit you.

Here  are  best  wedding  planning  tips –

A well planned budget & happy wedding: A wedding can be what you make it, a simple somber one or an expensive one. Your choice you decide how you want to do it. Make a fixed well planned budget for wedding. See what you want to include in it, what kind of decoration a venue embellished with, food, return gifting and other things. Every wedding follows some different customs and traditions. If you think an inch of extra money spent on a wedding is not a big deal, then my friends we tell you that little extras can amount big to credit cards in your pocket. So the conclusion is, a fixed budget according to your requirements is a key to a happy wedding.

Scheduling dates for event: Schedule your wedding on a right date provided the guests you are inviting can all attend it. It is important. If your schedule of wedding is not set, it could be that some guests attend it and some not. Everyone is busy nowadays. And other preparations related to the event, complete it early before two and three days of wedding. By calendaring every prep you can feel burden free. Scheduling on time any event is also important.

Tools for wedding: it is not like old times that you write down everything on a paper and then forget it where you placed it. Instead, you can use digital tools like apps in your phone and tab for schedules, reminders and other things. Besides, you can also write down things. It is not that old school thing is dead. If you prefer it over digital then you can use it. Tools are just for tracking everything what is getting spent on wedding.

Venue: you are a wild animal expert and have spent most of life in jungle studying different types of species but it doesn’t mean that when your wedding time comes you plan it in a jungle. If you do so then no one would come to your wedding except some your favorite animals. Hence selecting a venue is also as important as doing a wedding. Venue should not be great far, know weather conditions and according to that, decide where you want to plan wedding whether inside or outside. Wedding venue should be according to guest list also. And decide how you want to decorate it whether with glittering lights or just flowers or some modern graffiti if you are an artist.

Services & treating guests: See if waiters are doing their work fine or not. Their service should be perfect and proper and see also that how guests are being treated by them. Hire any reputed vendor for services you require in wedding. If relatives and friends are helping in all that then it is perfect. Because if anything goes wrong, it could be embarrassing for you that you would never forget that this happened in your wedding. Hence prepare early everything, call vendors on time. Welcome gifts or return gifts if you have decided to distribute, they must be distributed properly. It is how guests feel how well they are being treated. And your wedding becomes an unforgettable memory.


There are many tips for a wedding how it can be made successful. You just have to know what works for you. Every wedding’s requirements vary and there are lots of factors in it. You just have to analyze everything early before wedding as booking vendors for certain services, deciding venue, guest list and other things. It is not a one day thing. It could be that you forget very important something on your big day. So whatever your plans, just well prepare them. On the other hand if your any friend or of some relative’s marriage is going to get organized in Jaipur and you are searching for wedding planners then you can hire best wedding planners in Jaipur. Apart from all congratulations for big and precious day in your life.