Six reasons to love maxi dresses

Once you have tried a maxi dress, it’s difficult to understand why everyone doesn’t wear them all the time! Inherently feminine, and so comfortable and versatile, you might never wear anything else again. Here are some of our favourite reasons for wearing maxi dresses.

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1. Effortless style

We all want to look our best, and in an ideal world, we’d look stunning but also as if we haven’t spent hours getting ready. A maxi dress does that instantly. Dress it up or down and step out looking incredible.

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2. Flattering

Everyone looks great in a maxi. The length helps to give an illusion of height for those women who are on the shorter side, and they suit all shapes. You might need to experiment with finding the right cut for your body shape, but it will be worth the effort in the long term. And once you know the right cut, you’re sorted! You’ll feel comfortable and confident.
3. Cover up

Some of us can’t wait to break out the Daisy Dukes as soon as the weather warms up, but for every one of those, there is someone who would prefer to cover their legs for whatever reason. You can hide all sorts under a long dress, even leggings in cooler weather.
4. Year round

We often associate maxi dresses with the summer – think of a gorgeous strapless sundress – but they work just as well in colder weather too. A wool long-sleeved dress could become your new season staple.
5. Convenient

If you’ve ever worn a playsuit and needed to use the bathroom, you’ll see the advantages of a maxi dress instantly.
6. Versatile

There are so many occasions when a long dress works, and finding the right one can be great fun. The same dress could take you from the office to even a wedding, depending on how you accessorise. Check out a red maxi dress at AX Paris for example, and get ready to make an entrance.
With so many reasons to love a red maxi dress, or any other colour for that matter, such is the versatility, you can start thinking about accessorising – and shoes! Fashion Lady has some thoughts on which shoes to pair with a maxi dress.
So check your wardrobe – there’s definitely room in there for a maxi dress!